Basic computer hardware

How to Maintain your Computer Correctly – Step by Step Guide to Computer Maintainance

GENERAL Maintenance & Security Guidelines.

Before applying any guides or fixes,  Handyboys Computer Service  suggest that you call 860-318-5557 or speak to a IT Professional.

Important: Handyboys Enterprise is not responsible for any issues arriving for the used of this guide or our toolbar, we suggest that you contact us handyboys Computer repair services @ 860-318-5557 before going on with any computer related work.

. We suggest you shutdown your machine daily.
. Protect against power surges or loss.
. Back up all data (Photos, Music files, Personal Document, Favorites links, Desktop, My Documents Data)
. Register your software products or sign up to receive product alerts, patches and updates.
. Schedule tasks to run automatically when possible.
. Educate yourself on basic computer maintenance and security issues.  Use the Wikipedia to look up terms you don’t understand.
. Degrag and run CCleaner
. install Malwarebytes and Microsoft Security Essentials

. Never open e-mail from an unknown source.
. Do not respond to unsolicited e-mail.
. Always include a relevant subject line on e-mail that you send out.
. Set-up your e-mail to Auto-Archive older mail messages.

. Be aware of the potential security risks associated with Internet activity.
. Be informed about the  personal information you provide online as well as what information is being collected about you “behind the scenes”.
. Try Doing most of you search on
 Install Google Chrome if possible
. Don’t allow anyone to remote into you machine
. browse and purchase only from know sites

. Protect yourself against computer viruses with anti-virus software.
. Sign up for free Microsoft Windows Critical Update Notifications.

 DAILY Maintenance & Security Tasks

. Verify that your virus definitions are up-to-date, if conditions warrant.
. run ccleaner after every 10 hours

WEEKLY Maintenance & Security Tasks

. Run “ScanDisk” to check hard drive for errors
. Run “Defraggler” to defragment your files.
. Run “Disk Cleanup” to delete unneeded files.
. Clean out files from your temporary files directory.|
. Back up your files and store them away from your computer.
. Empty your Recycle bin.

. Delete the “clutter” from your Inbox.
. Empty your Deleted Items folder, or set it up to empty automatically.

. Delete your temporary Internet files & clear your Internet history.
. Delete your cookies.

. Update virus definitions.
. Run a full anti-virus system scan.

MONTHLY Maintenance & Security Tasks

. Check for the latest Service Packs/Updates for Windows, Office, Internet Explorer.
. Check for unneeded or unused programs and consider uninstalling them.

QUARTERLY Maintenance & Security Tasks

. Clean your PC.
. Clean your keyboard.
. Clean your mouse.
. Clean up your start-up menu.

. Change your system passwords.

ANNUAL Maintenance & Security Tasks
. Renew your anti-virus software subscription.
. Blow out the machine with any Air Can


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